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What is Safety Assure?

Never feel alone again during an OpenHouse

OHGuests’ SafetyAssure provides protection when you need it. With today’s ever changing world, personal security is as important as ever and OHGuests understands this.

We Believe in Safety First

We know that real estate is a fast-paced and crazy business. Sometimes we forget about putting our safety above all. Our mission is to help agents not only feel safer, but provide a security measure that we hope no one ever has to use, but just in case they do, it’s available. And to make it clear that safety is our top priority. We have included the Safety Assure feature in ALL OHGuests plans for FREE.

Panic Button

We’ve developed an internal emergency communication button that will contact up to 5 people in seconds. Your 5 contacts receive a text with your Geo-Location, your set Open House, and an 8 second recording which starts when you hit the panic button.

How it Works

Sign Up

Easily sign up for any OHGuests account to use Safety Assure at your open house.

Add Contacts

Add up to five contacts you would like to text in case of emergency.

Stay Safe

Contacting help is as easy as a click of a button. Stay safe with Safety Assure.

Feel safe and protect yourself from Jeepers Creepers Peepers



Alert & Warning Texts

OHGuests will alert your emergency contacts as soon as you hit the emergency button.

Geo Tracking

The Location of your Mobile device will be sent.

Open House Address

The Location of your address will be sent.

8 Second Recording

As soon as you hit the panic button, your mobile device will record 8 seconds that will also be sent.


Extend Safety Assure

Use our patent pending click fob to immediately notify your emergency contacts without needing to reach for your tablet.


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